Career Confidence for Parents

Bespoke in-house events to empower employees who are parents to regain career confidence so they can better manage the emotional and logistical demands of career and family life.

When my son, Xav was born I wasn’t prepared for how much of a hit my career confidence would take. I’d lost touch with my skills and abilities and was consumed by feelings of guilt, overwhelm and compromise.

In spite of the fact I’d spent a decade building a successful career in PR & Communications, my personal and professional confidence hit rock bottom.

Having come through that time, I’m now on a mission to help a million mums regain the confidence lost since they became a parent and to feel the way they deserve to about themselves so they can become happier and more successful.

I support companies to retain talented employees by developing bespoke in-house live events to help them regain career confidence, overcome guilt and manage the emotional and logistical demands of career and family life. The content of each event is designed in response to the specific needs of each organisation and its employees.

I also work with line managers, running workshops to help them develop enhanced ways to support the working parents within their teams.

“I haven’t felt like this, so upbeat and positive, for ages. I hadn’t realised how much I wasn’t like myself. I know it’s a cliché but I did feel lighter, like a weight was lifted on the journey home. I felt bubbly. Having the space and time to focus on confidence; reflect on my current feelings about myself, parenting and returning to work; and learning about and practising tools that can be used was brilliant. I feel so lucky to have been able to take part.”
Jen, a marine biologist in a senior management role going back to work in 2017 after her first child

Our events are delivered with these aims:

  • To increase staff satisfaction, motivation and engagement and therefore increase retention of talented employees;
  • To help delegates regain their personal and professional confidence;
  • To work in partnership with the in-house HR team to equip delegates with information, policies and benefits that exist to support working parents;
  • To enable delegates to communicate effectively with their team and management;
  • To support delegates in understanding the shift(s) in their identity;
  • To enable delegates to manage time effectively both at home and at work;
  • To empower delegates to overcome guilt and develop strategies to deal with their complex emotional reactions in a positive and constructive way;
  • and to give delegates tools to help become better equipped to cope with and manage the emotional and logistical demands of being a working parent.

These events can be tailored towards a number of different audiences, according to the needs of each company, including:

  • Women returning to work after maternity leave or an extended career break to have a family;
  • Male and female employees who have children of any age and who would benefit from support to develop better balance in their lives;
  • Line managers to equip them to better support members of their teams who are parents;
  • Consulting with HR teams to support them in developing an enhanced offering for employees who are parents.

Click here to download a PDF to find out more about our flagship programme, Return to Work with Confidence, and the benefits for both organisations and employees.

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