Are you a mum going back to work or have you recently returned?

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I’m Ursula and I run Mumbelievable, a confidence-boosting blog for mums. My mission is to help a million mums regain confidence so they can feel the way they deserve to about themselves and become happier and more successful.

When we make the shift from working woman to mum, our identity changes permanently. We pile heaps of pressure on ourselves to cope with the demands of nurturing our babies, surviving on zero sleep and juggling all our other responsibilities and relationships – all while trying to appear as though we’ve got our s*!t together.

In reality, none of us have it figured out and we’re all just doing our best, winging it and hoping it’ll work out ok. Still though, we look at other mums and we’re all putting the same face on, which is a ridiculous farce: we’re all in the same boat.

When we perceive other mums as coping better than we are, we wonder why we don’t seem to be able to handle it all as well as they are. So, it’s no wonder that our confidence takes a battering.

The moment we find a safe place to admit this, it’s like a weight is lifted. But knowing that we’re not alone is one part of the battle. The other part is recovering from this shattering of how we feel about ourselves, piecing ourselves back together and embracing this new, better version of us as we prepare to head back into the world of work after time off to have children.

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