The return to work toolkit

If you’re a mum going back to work soon after maternity or an extended career break, or if you’re already back and haven’t yet struck that elusive ‘balance’, this toolkit is for you.

It’s a self-led, six-week online course put together by mums who have been there and are still winging it. It will help you regain confidence, figure out what will work for your family, reconnect with your professional self and recognise the skills and value you bring to the workplace as a parent.

Combining work and family isn’t easy. And if you’re feeling apprehensive – you’re not alone. But there are many ways you can reclaim control over your personal and professional confidence, and equip yourself with the right tools to make sure you enjoy the juggle.

In this course you’ll find out how to:

  • Understand and embrace how your identity has shifted.
  • Reconnect with your professional self and resume your career feeling unstoppable.
  • Use one simple tool to transform the guilt and loosen the grip it has over you.
  • Create a bullet-proof return plan that will mean you can respond to unforeseen challenges with ease.
  • Let go of the ‘ideal’ impressed upon us by society and learn hacks to creating your own ideal.
  • Manage the negative chatter and transform the way you see your inner critic so it becomes your ally.
  • Recognise how being a mother positively influences your career.
  • Take control of your return and ask for everything you need.
  • Develop a solutions-focused mind-set so you can deal with anything, even the uncontrollable.
  • Cope with overwhelm and use it to enhance your emotional wellbeing.
  • Handle complex but essential conversations with employers, colleagues and family.
  • Set up the best childcare arrangements for your family and deal with separation anxiety so you and your children can adapt to your new working pattern with ease.
  • Process and accept the inevitable knocks and bounce back with confidence.

The presenters, Ursula Tavender, founder of Mumbelievable and Donna Hubbard, founder of Be Dynamic have used their own experiences and research from conversations with hundreds of working mums to design this course.

It will give you the opportunity to reflect on how you’ve changed for the better as a woman since becoming a mother and offers simple but effective tools to powerfully change your mind-set that you can use for the rest of your life.

You’ll also be invited to join the Facebook group that goes with this course, for extra support and solidarity.

This transformational and revolutionary course will change the way you feel about yourself forever.

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How long will it take?

  • Six modules delivered over six weeks.
  • 30-45 minutes of video for each module, so it won’t require much time to complete.
  • You’ll be guided through a few simple exercises in each video.
  • Each module will be packed with useful tools and easy tricks that can easily be incorporated into your busy life.

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What will be covered?

Here’s an overview of the programme:

Module one: Redefining the ideal

We’ll explore the impact that popular culture and media have on our sense of self as women and as mothers, and how they construct a narrative around what we perceive to be the ‘ideal’. We’ll offer advice and tools to help you challenge negative messaging and equip yourself to respond appropriately, empowering you to create your own vision of what your ‘ideal’ looks like and take steps towards it.

Module two: The identity shift

The goal of this module is to support you to develop an empowered mindset. Here we’ll look at the magnitude of the identity shift that happens when a professional woman becomes a mother, and invite you to explore how you see yourself now compared with before you had children. We’ll also work to understand our inner critic and its effect on our psyche, as well as the role that loneliness and fear of judgment play in our overall self-perception.

Module three: Personal branding

The main objective of this module is to empower you to take control of the impact you make upon your return to work, consciously choosing your behaviours and attitudes. This video will kick off with an individual exercise in which you will identify your skills, attributes and achievements – both professional and personal. This can trigger a powerful shift in the way we perceive ourselves and our personal impact, and can enable us to see how we can move towards becoming the version of ourselves we aspire to be.

Module four: In charge of your return

In this module you’ll learn ways in which you can become proactive about taking control of your return by devising a return-to-work strategy. Our aim in this module is to help you identify what you need to enable you to return feeling calm and confident, knowing that you can overcome guilt and handle any situation that comes your way.

Module five: Calm, in control and ready

In this module we’ll explore the stress response, how to recognise it and respond in a positive, confident way during the inevitable stressful situations that crop up in the life of a working parent. We’ll also support you in identifying and eliminating (or at least reducing) sources of stress, so you can achieve better balance and feel calmer, more in control and ready to take on the world.

Module six: Settling back into the world of work

Bringing everything you have explored throughout the programme together, this module is about setting yourself up to feel good and thrive as you re-enter the world of work. We’ll look at ways to ensure your confidence and self-development continue to flourish after this programme is finished, and support you with ways to develop time and self management strategies so you can be sure that your life is congruent with your values and the ideal you outlined in module one. Finally, we’ll leave you with a few lasting messages from both of us about confidence and our relationships with ourselves that we hope you’ll take with you from this point forward.

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