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I’m Ursula. I’m very lucky to be called Mummy by two truly beautiful little souls, Xav and Neo. They are tiny superheroes who have taught me more about courage, love and life than I ever knew was possible.

Parenthood for me is filled with extremes. Extreme joy, love and pride, and also extreme life adjustment, guilt and worry.

Becoming a parent has been – without question – the single best and most rewarding phase of my entire life, but it’s also – again, without question – the toughest.

I struggled with the shift in my identity and lost a great deal of personal and professional confidence.

I set up Mumbelievable in 2015 to support parents who found themselves experiencing the same sense of disconnection and uncertainty and it has since evolved into a consultancy with the sole aim to change the world of work for parents.

Working with individuals experiencing the challenges of combining career and family woke me up to the fact that the fundamental fabric of the way we work needs to change.

I decided to become part of the solution, and am passionately working with people, business and government to help companies become more inclusive, flexible and supportive so that more brilliant people can have more choice and opportunities to come back, stay and progress at work while raising a family.

To find out more about my work, please send me an email: ursula@mumbelievable.com.

You can find me on Facebook (@Mumbelievable) Twitter (@mumbelievableuk) and Instagram (@mumbelievableuk).



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