I can’t even wee alone. How am I supposed to find time to exercise?

Kids make your pre-baby time management look like a joke. Fact.

We need a plan girls.

Here is a quick brain dump of things you could try that I’m doing at the moment (and I’m a work in progress as we all know) to try and get more fitness in my life.

1. Get it out the way early. It’s done. You can be smug for the entire day. If not, chances are the rest of the day will be spent making excuses as to why you “just have to get one more job done”.

2. Plan your workout ahead. Whether that’s where you’ll run/which DVD you’ll attempt/what you’ll focus on working in the gym/how far you’ll swim, planning it out helps make it more real and gives you more oomph (that’s a word, right?) to actually see it through.

3. If you’re not feeling it, fake it anyway. Motivation can be an elusive fucker at times. If it’s not there, find it somewhere within you to get a sweat on anyway. I’m pretty sure this annoying phrase is bang on: no-one has ever, ever regretted a workout. (Unless they’ve fallen off a treadmill. I’ve done it and – oh, the regret and shame.)

4. Eat. If you don’t, you’ll feel like shit and never have the energy to sweat. You won’t lose weight. You’ll end up eating 23 chicken nuggets and feeling horrific.

5. Include the kids. If you struggle to get some alone time, dedicate an hour to getting a workout done while you’re taking care of the little ones. Mine has a trampoline which gets me puffed in about 11 seconds (let’s not talk about the pelvic floor). He also likes to ‘fly’ on my legs while I do an ab session. Whatever works.

It’s not easy. But it is possible.

You can do it.

Go mama.

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