Think taking time to exercise is selfish? Actually, it’s the opposite

At a toddler group this morning I was chatting to one of my gorgeous mama friends.

She’s got a toddler and a six-month old. Let’s not sugar-coat it…every time I see her she looks exactly like she feels. (She won’t mind me saying that. It’s not a pretty sight.)

She’s just gone back to work. She feels like she can’t keep up with the house and she feels like she’s doing a half-job in every aspect of her life at the moment.

To me, it’s the opposite.

She’s marvellous. She’s a bloody real-life superhero. I’ve told her I think she should wear her pants outside her snot-stained jeans.

She was upset this morning because she’s found herself snapping at her lovely husband, and losing her rag too quickly with the children.

My suggestion? She needs to somehow carve a little time for some exercise.

As you might imagine, she laughed out loud in my face.

She eats the kids’ food and goes for three hours needing a wee because she can’t seem to find time to eat or go to the loo. (We’ve all been there though, right?!)

So even her most basic needs are lower on her priority list than the mounting pile of washing up.

I’ve spoken to countless mummies – with children of all ages – who have a similar story.

We go to the bottom of the list, below the family, the house, work and the many other hats we wear.

We neglect ourselves, because it’s easier to have one less thing to think about.

But when we are neglected, bad things happen.

We unwittingly become more stressed, unhappy, unhealthy and eventually even resentful.

This does not make for a great mama, partner, daughter, sister and friend.

If you can find it within yourself to believe that if you make the decision to put yourself first and do something for just you, even for a few minutes a day, and fit a little exercise in – wondrous things might just start to happen.

The children will benefit from a mama who’s calmer, more patient, has more energy to play. Your partner will welcome his happier, more confident and sexy girl back.

The house? Well….screw the house. You’ll never, ever this time back so I reckon it won’t hurt to leave the dusting for another few minutes so you can give more of yourself to your family.

Go, girl.

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