This is the announcement we’ve been waiting to make!

If you’re a mum who is thinking of going back to work or you’e already returned, then this is for you!

This is the announcement we’ve been waiting to make……

In celebration of International Women’s Day, Donna and I have a very special launch offer for the first 250 people who sign up to buy our brand new online programme, Return to Work with Confidence.

We’re putting the finishing touches to it now and it will be available to buy within the next week or so. It’s a six-week online course to empower you to go back to work feeling calm, confident and motivated after time out to have children.

If you’ve got children and you’re not working at the moment or you’ve gone back within the past year, this will be transformational for you.

The first 250 people who send us a message here: to claim their spot will be able to buy the entire six-week programme for just £29 (it will usually be £39 – we’ve done our utmost to make it as affordable as possible so that everyone who wants to can take advantage of it)


As a gift from us to thank you for supporting our mission to help a million women feel amazing, confident and strong, you’ll also receive ALL SIX modules as audio files so you can listen on the go without having to sit down and watch the videos.

So if you’re thinking you won’t be able to find the time or the money to get hold of this thing….you will.

There are just 250 spots available for this offer, so if you want one, click here to send us a message: No payment now, just a message to lock in your place to buy when the cart opens.

You deserve to feel like the incredible woman you are, at home and at work.

For just £29, this will help you get there.

We can’t wait. Send us a message now:

Ursula and Donna X

EDIT: A few people have been in touch to ask for an overview of the programme. Here it is!

Module one: Redefining the ideal

We’ll explore the impact that popular culture and media have on our sense of self as women and as mothers, and how they construct a narrative around what we perceive to be the ‘ideal’. We’ll offer advice and tools to help you challenge negative messaging and equip yourself to respond appropriately, empowering you to create your own vision of what your ‘ideal’ looks like and take steps towards it.

Module two: The identity shift

The goal of this module is to support you to develop an empowered mindset. Here we’ll look at the magnitude of the identity shift that happens when a professional woman becomes a mother, and invite you to explore how you see yourself now compared with before you had children. We’ll also work to understand our inner critic and its effect on our psyche, as well as the role that loneliness and fear of judgment play in our overall self-perception.

Module three: Personal branding

The main objective of this module is to empower you to take control of the impact you make upon your return to work, consciously choosing your behaviours and attitudes. This video will kick off with an individual exercise in which you will identify your skills, attributes and achievements – both professional and personal. This can trigger a powerful shift in the way we perceive ourselves and our personal impact, and can enable us to see how we can move towards becoming the version of ourselves we aspire to be.

Module four: In charge of your return

In this module you’ll learn ways in which you can become proactive about taking control of your return by devising a return-to-work strategy. Our aim in this module is to help you identify what you need to enable you to return feeling calm and confident, knowing that you can overcome guilt and handle any situation that comes your way.

Module five: Calm, in control and ready

In this module we’ll support you in creating a routine for each day that will work for your family. We’ll also explore ways to support colleagues in understanding the realities of what it means to balance the demands of work and family. You’ll also learn how to respond in a positive, confident way when stressful situations crop up.

Module six: Settling back into the world of work

In this final module we’ll look at ways to ensure your confidence and self-development continue to flourish after this programme is finished. We’ll support you with ways to develop assertive behaviours, manage time effectively and cope with the inevitable feelings of guilt and overwhelm. Finally, we’ll invite you to look at how you feel now compared with how you felt when you began this programme, and work out what you need to built on your sense of self from this point onwards.

There are just 250 spots available for this offer, so if you want one, click here to send us a message: No payment now, just a message to lock in your place to buy when the cart opens.


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