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A new future for Mumbelievable

Mumbelievable started as a blog with a mission to help a million mums regain confidence and recognise how incredible they are. I knew in my heart that it had to become a business to do something to help the many people who felt the same way I did after becoming

Hands up if you’re winning at the summer holiday juggle! Nope….me neither. Am loving the extra time together, obviously. And am also sending mega-gratitude vibes to Tim, my brilliant mum and MiL for stepping up and saving my sanity for a couple of days a week and at odd hours

This week I almost let something get to me. I found out that someone very close to me, who has been a real champion of what I’m doing actually has pretty different and scathing opinions about it which they’re liberally spreading when I’m not there. I’ve received hate before, but

How much time do you get to spend doing things you love? The things that set your soul on fire, or make you feel as though you’re right where you should be? A couple of years ago, in spite of having built a life purposefully and been lucky enough to

Over the past few years (and a preemie baby and husband’s illness) I’ve been on a quest to ditch the tox and clean up our act in terms of the products that we use to clean our home and our bodies. I’ve found some absolutely amazing products and so I

Are you thinking of heading back to work soon or have you returned within the past year? I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve teamed up with mind-set coach Donna Hubbard to launch local meet-up events for mums heading back into the world of work after time out to have children.

Last night my phone was alight with whatsapp messages from numerous gaggles of my fellow september-intake mums awaiting news of the school place announcement. Until the messages flooded in, it hadn’t occurred to me that it wasn’t just me being incessantly punched in the stomach yesterday every time I was

I’m very excited that my first online programme, Return to Work with Confidence which I’ve developed with my fabulous partner, Donna Hubbard, founder of Be Dynamic Coaching is now available to buy! Who is this course for? If you’re a mum due to go back to work after maternity leave, if you’re

I still feel sick now. A couple of hours have passed since the door shut at the pre-school, with me on one side and my son on the other. As a metaphor that’s the most unnatural situation I can think of right now. I have a child who suffers separation

If you’re a mum who is thinking of going back to work or you’e already returned, then this is for you! This is the announcement we’ve been waiting to make…… In celebration of International Women’s Day, Donna and I have a very special launch offer for the first 250 people