LAUNCH: Mama’s back meet-ups for mums heading back to work

Are you thinking of heading back to work soon or have you returned within the past year?

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve teamed up with mind-set coach Donna Hubbard to launch local meet-up events for mums heading back into the world of work after time out to have children.

Join us for networking with like-minded mums and an exclusive workshop on cultivating career confidence after a break. Babies welcome!

The first events are taking place in Whiteley and Winchester and you can get your tickets here:



These events are brand new and in Hampshire to begin with and will be published here and on social media, but we’ll be adding new locations all the time. Get in touch via email ( to suggest where we need to be heading next and to be added to our mailing list so you can be the first to know when we announce new dates. 

No matter what our profession or level in our careers, there’s so much more to returning to work than keep in touch days.

Becoming a parent is one of the biggest shifts in our identity we could ever experience. Our role in the world changes monumentally, and we have to learn and adapt quicker than ever before. Our children inspire us to strive to become better people, and they give us both our greatest reward and our greatest challenge.

As we navigate the unpredictable days of parenting it’s only natural that our sense of self and our confidence, both personal and professional may become lost in our quest to be the best parents we can be.

You’re not alone. Far from it. Which is why we want to bring like-minded women together so we can share our ideas and experiences, and support each other.

Resuming a career after becoming a parent can be an exciting and fulfilling time. It can also be overwhelming, daunting and can present a number of logistical and emotional challenges both at home and at work.

Managing a busy family life, meeting the needs of our children and everyone we love (and our own, of course!), running a home and pursuing our professional ambitions is far from easy, but can become infinitely more manageable and enjoyable when we take practical, confident steps towards prioritising and balancing these demands.

In these relaxed, interactive and unifying meet-ups we’ll share a number of empowering truth, mind-set tools and practical approaches to meeting the challenges of returning to work from a position of strength so you can become happier and more successful in every aspect of your life.

We’ll look at:

  • The range of emotional and logistical challenges we experience as working parents, and compare our current reality with our ‘ideal’ vision of how we would like our lives to look.
  • Our theory around why we as a generation may feel under-prepared for and overwhelmed by becoming a parent today.
  • The inevitable disconnection from our former selves after a break and how to overcome the challenge of comparing ourselves to both the old ‘us’ and to others.
  • How to leverage our skills, abilities and attributes as parents to enhance our careers and our personal lives.
  • How to take positive control over the aspects of our lives we can influence, and how to let go of those we can’t.
  • The value of learning to re-frame the parental guilt and feel confident and empowered in our choices both at home and at work.
  • Positive, practical ways to prioritise what is important to us and our families and focus our time and effort in pursuing those things.
  • Empowered ways to respond when things don’t go to plan, so you can become confident you can handle anything that comes your way.

The first events are in Whiteley and Winchester, Hampshire. Tickets are available here:

Click here to grab your ticket for Whiteley on 24th June at 10am-12pm

Click here to grab your ticket for Winchester on 29th July at 10am-12pm

Only 50 tickets available for each event and they’re selling fast! Can’t wait to see you there. X


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