Haters gonna hate

This week I almost let something get to me.

I found out that someone very close to me, who has been a real champion of what I’m doing actually has pretty different and scathing opinions about it which they’re liberally spreading when I’m not there.

I’ve received hate before, but not in this way. I bloody tried to not let it drive me to question everything, but that’s not always easy, is it?
I don’t need anyone’s approval. Not everyone is going to ‘get it’ – and I’m completely cool with that. I know that this matters, and why I’m doing it. I know that everything Mumbelievable stands for is worth something. I know that I feel so bloody strongly about it because it’s important.
Mumbelievable is about making us all feel as though we’re enough – especially on the days we feel we’re failing. It’s about helping us to see that none of us are perfect, but that we’re doing a hell of a job. It’s about feeling strong, confident and empowered to speak up when things are tough.
That matters.
It has also evolved in a huge way since I started. I’ve shared some seriously personal stuff that has reached people in all parts of the world and – they have told me – has helped them with stuff they’re going through. Being told that something I have written or said has made someone feel less alone never loses its magic.
That matters, too.
I’ve found myself supporting working parents and the companies that employ you. I’ve spoken to hundreds and hundreds of parents now and am using our collective experiences to help businesses get better at supporting us, communicating with us and giving us the flexibility we all deserve, so that we can all be happier and more successful.
That matters.

The point of all this is that being a parent is tough. Being a parent that doesn’t work is tough. Being a parent who does is tough. We’re all just doing our best.

Mumbelievable is a place where we can celebrate that, and give each other virtual fist pumps in solidarity.

And the people who want to tear that down can keep trying.

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