Confidence isn’t something you have – it’s something you earn

It's not easy - but then nothing worth having ever is, it it?

Since this penny dropped for me, it’s been so liberating.

A strong sense of self-confidence isn’t something that just happens.

For so long I looked at people who appeared to be confident and wondered how they did it.

And now I know…..

You must believe in yourself, truly and wholeheartedly. You must trust the decisions you make. You must live according to what is true to you and never, ever allow anyone’s voice to become more powerful than your own.
You must be kind to yourself and become disciplined every day about treating yourself in a positive way. You must fill all aspects of your life with the things that create happiness.

When you do these things, you will nurture a beautiful sense of confidence in yourself.

It’s not easy.

But then, nothing worth having ever is, is it? X

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