What would happen if we saw ourselves through their eyes?

Isn't it time we started seeing ourselves through their eyes?

When my little boy first saw me this morning after I’d got showered and dressed, he said: “Mummy, you look beautiful!”

I’m knackered today. He’s not been well so he was up loads in the night and woke for the day at 4:46am. I felt so short-tempered and as thought I might burst into tears at any moment….until that. With those four little words, he changed the course of my day.

It got me thinking of all the little things he says that tell me that to him, I’m a superhero. No matter what I think about myself or how much I think I mess up at being his mummy every day, to him, I’m ace.

Isn’t it about time we all started looking at ourselves this way? Reminding ourselves that to our children, we’re perfect? Xx

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