Mumbelievable cards available now!

Do you have any idea how amazing you are, mama?

Mumbelievaalways-enoughble is about helping mums to see and believe how incredible they are.

These confidence cards are little high fives to remind you (or the person you buy them for!) that you’re an amazing human being. They’re a source of empowerment, encouragement and reassurance for you, designed to help you reconnect with yourself and regain your inner confidence.

You need to buy these if:

  • You’re a mum who wants to treat yourself to a confidence boost.
  • There’s a mum in your life who needs to know how much they’re admired, appreciated and loved.
  • You’re a Dad who wants to score serious brownie points.
  • You’re looking for the perfect Christmas gift for a mum who should know she’s doing a hell of a job.

legendThe cards also double up as postcards so you have the option to keep them yourself or give them to others to let them know they’re one hell of a mother. I love this feature!

They’ll speak to you at different times, when you’re going through different experiences and emotions. Pick a card that resonates with you the most and stick it on a mirror, the fridge, in your diary…anywhere you’ll see it.

Remind yourself often of that message and how it makes you feel.

As this becomes a habit, you’ll start to notice your mindset changing for the better. You’ll feel more positive, calm and in control.

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be-kind-to-yourselfWhat women are saying……

“Every woman needs these empowering cards.” Vicki Psarias, AKA Honest Mum

“I had a real wobble on Thursday and this was just what I needed. These cards are awesome. We all need reminding every now and again (like, every day!)” Amy (Facebook)

“My confidence cards arrived today. I LOVE then. Thank you so much for creating such an empowering product for women.” Anisa, a mum from Yorkshire

“These should be given out with new mum packs. Every mum deserves a pack of these.” Nikki (Facebook)

your-strengthProduct information:

  • Each pack comes with 25 cards featuring a different confidence message, and they’re postcard sized.
  • They come beautifully packaged in a muslin bag with a gorgeous tag and ribbon.
  • The cards have a postcard backing so you can send them as cards to your mum friends when they need a boost. (LOVE this feature)
  • Price: £12.95 per pack (plus £1.50 P&P)
  • Click here to buy now!
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