The sugar coating of motherhood

We love our kids. Being a mum makes us understand who we could become and gives us the reason to get on with the business of becoming that better version of ourselves.

Some days being mum is so incredible it all gets a bit overwhelming. Some days it’s just plain hard.

Some days we have thoughts that we feel are so dark, we couldn’t possibly share them with anyone because they would inevitably conclude we’re unworthy of the honour of being in charge of our tiny humans.

I know this because I have had all of these thoughts, and then some.

I know this because (without exception) all the mums I know get through every single day with just their wit, loving instincts and with any luck, some well-earned wine. And some days we judge as more successful than others.

So I find it fascinating that there are so many of us (myself included) who, when talking to our other mum friends, feel a need to sugar coat our thoughts and feelings, as if they’re not entirely normal.

We’re all in the same boat. No matter who we are or where we’ve come from.

We experience pure joy being with our babies, like we’ve never known it before. We thought we’d felt love before. Ha! We all cry like proud nutters when our babies do something new or exciting. We all worry about things that our pre-mum self didn’t even know existed.

And then…we all lose our shit. Regularly. And then instantaneously feel like a guilty, failing mess.

There’s an untold truth about how we feel about the shift in our identities now we’re parents. How we’ve felt lonely when we’re surrounded by people. How we feel so much love for our kids it terrifies us.
We are not alone. Far from it. We’re on one of the biggest level playing fields.

The mums we know get it all. They feel it all too.

But I know lots of mums who are scared to share these truths because they’re petrified of being judged by other mums. So my mission is to make Mumbelievable a sanctuary for mums who want to stop this ridiculous fear of being judged. When did it all get so bloody serious?

I want to say to you, if you are one of those mums:

We’ve got your back. We understand you. We know what you’re talking about. You may not be able to talk to your husband, your mum, sister or friends about this stuff but you can talk to all of us – this community – because we GET IT. Let’s all share in the hilarity.

We get the when-you-love-them-so-much-you-think-you-might-explode bits.

We get the what-the-hell-has-become-of-my-life bits.

And everything in between.

Whether your children are newborn or 30, we’re all on the rollercoaster together.

Welcome to the gang.

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