When secondary school friends Sophie Taylor and Shelley Lawrence set-up hi mama earlier this year and invited me to be part of the amazing virtual space they were creating, I knew I’d love to invite them onto the Mumbelievables interview series.  They’ve created a strong, sisterly and uplifting space for

Earlier this month I spent a couple of days at an amazing event in London – Stylist Live. The first day I was there was Equal Pay day, so loads of the sessions I went to were about careers, combining work and life more successfully, confidence, knowing your worth, gender

Today thousands of men and women marched across six UK cities to advocate for better support for working parents. It was a serious feat by the amazing Pregnant Then Screwed team and after some awesome rallying by some truly brilliant women including Caroline Lucas Helen Skelton Mother Pukka the energy was electric. This morning Tim asked

Tomorrow, thousands of us will march in London to demand recognition, respect and change for working parents. Why is this so important? 54,000 women a year are pushed out of their job for getting pregnant and 77% of working mums endure negative or discriminatory treatment in the workplace. These numbers

Recently I put a quick post up on the Mumbelievable Facebook page to ask if anyone might find it helpful if I wrote about what it’s like to be pregnant and become a mum when you’re someone who has suffered from an eating disorder. Writing about this subject in general

A new future for Mumbelievable

Mumbelievable started as a blog with a mission to help a million mums regain confidence and recognise how incredible they are. I knew in my heart that it had to become a business to do something to help the many people who felt the same way I did after becoming

Back in March at the Blogosphere cover reveal part I met the brilliant Noughty Haircare PR team over a chat about making the move towards more natural beauty and haircare products. It turns out that Rachel Parsonage, the MD of KMI Brands (the company that built the Noughty Haircare brand) is

Hands up if you’re winning at the summer holiday juggle! Nope….me neither. Am loving the extra time together, obviously. And am also sending mega-gratitude vibes to Tim, my brilliant mum and MiL for stepping up and saving my sanity for a couple of days a week and at odd hours

Coming out of recovery after the kidney transplant

On Wednesday, it will be two years since Tim had a kidney transplant.  It seems impossible to me that so much time has passed. If you follow me on social media you may have seen that every few months I donate blood. I always post about it when I do,

This week I almost let something get to me. I found out that someone very close to me, who has been a real champion of what I’m doing actually has pretty different and scathing opinions about it which they’re liberally spreading when I’m not there. I’ve received hate before, but