Xav started pre-school in January at 2 ½ years old. Before his third birthday, he’d been exposed to two incidents of bullying. He wasn’t directly involved, but he was there. It shocked me. It hadn’t occurred to me that this was something I’d have to deal with when we were


My confidence took a nose-dive after I became a mum. I felt lost and unhappy, and I wasn’t really sure why – or how the hell it had happened. I’m a capable, educated and successful person and had built a great career in PR & marketing…but I found myself feeling


You might remember that a few weeks ago I posted a plea on the blog for help with a survey about how women feel about going back to work after having children. Last week Donna (my fab partner in crime – we’re designing this series of confidence workshops together) and


When my little boy first saw me this morning after I’d got showered and dressed, he said: “Mummy, you look beautiful!” I’m knackered today. He’s not been well so he was up loads in the night and woke for the day at 4:46am. I felt so short-tempered and as thought


When my son, Xav was born I wasn’t prepared for how much of a hit my confidence would take. It didn’t really dawn on me until he was around a year/18 months old that I was a shell of a woman who desperately needed to remember who she was. I’d


Since this penny dropped for me, it’s been so liberating. A strong sense of self-confidence isn’t something that just happens. For so long I looked at people who appeared to be confident and wondered how they did it. And now I know….. You must believe in yourself, truly and wholeheartedly.


No matter which way you cut it, the news this week that one of the world’s most famous families is disintegrating is shocking and sad. But for me the most shocking and the saddest part about it right now is the vilification of both Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt and


I can’t remember when I first discovered COOK food. I’ve been a loyal customer of theirs for a long time. What I do remember though, is my reaction to being told about it. It’s a very simple concept, but one that – for me, anyway – is complete genius and


I am more than just a body. Three years into parenting and at thirty-three years old, I am finally able to utter these words without adding silent caveats, such as: “but it would be nice if my thighs were a bit thinner and my legs were a bit longer”. Being


The image of little Omran, the beautiful boy sitting in an ambulance, shell-shocked and changed forever by the battle in Aleppo is burned into my consciousness. As a mummy I can’t help but fight my instinct to look away as it is just too excruciating to be real. It’s hurting