A couple of weeks ago I put out a plea for help on my Facebook page to help me find amazing mums to interview for this series. Because sharing real stories of real mums is something that motivates and inspires us, right? The response was unreal and I’ve been humbled,

This week’s Mumbelievables interview is a very special one. Haanagh and Mike Smith are long-time friends of my husband Tim’s family, and when I began this series I had Haanagh in mind as someone I’d be honoured to feature one day. I’m so grateful to her for agreeing! I wanted

You might know that recently I decided to open up about my eating disorder and mental health history by publishing a series of posts about my recovery. I was petrified of making myself so vulnerable, feeling sick and shaking as I wrote and my heart beat thumped in my temples

Sunita Harley - Image credit Daniela Cadore

This week I’m so happy to interview the force of positive energy that is Sunita, founder of Lucky Things Blog and the Lucky Things meetups. Confidence, career and wellbeing are just three things that Sunita loves to blog about over at Lucky Things. She knows life is full of ups and

Travelling with kids - confidence

Last week I had a bit of a mini-meltdown and ended up sobbing down the phone to Tim, my husband about how I was literally, catastrophically failing at life. A tad melodramatic, maybe…but that was 100% how I felt right then. My plate-spinning confidence was on the floor (along with

I’m beyond thrilled to have Aby Moore as this week’s Mumbelievables interview. Aside from the fact that she’s a hugely inspirational and incredible woman, Aby has built a full-time income from her brilliant family lifestyle blog You Baby Me Mummy and has now chosen to support up-and-coming bloggers to make

Every now and again I like to showcase something a little different that could brighten up your day. Recently, I went to a baby shower for a friend and it was spectacular. Their mother and sister had really spent a lot of time and effort to make it very special

My recovery has been tested several times, but none more so than when Tim was ill. When he had his kidney transplant quite suddenly in August 2015, we all went into shock. True to form, my appetite disappeared. My stress response was right there, trying to show me a way

Along with my eating disorder diagnosis, I was also told I was afflicted by the rather catchily-titled Acute Body Dysmorphic disorder. In a nutshell, what I saw when I looked at myself was distorted. Even at a bit under seven stone what I saw may as well have been morbidly

Mumbelievable is about helping mums to see and believe how incredible they are. These confidence cards are little high fives to remind you (or the person you buy them for!) that you’re an amazing human being. They’re a source of empowerment, encouragement and reassurance for you, designed to help you