Ursula Tavender

For many of us, our only hope of getting some time to ourselves to exercise is in the evenings when the bedtime battle has been won. By this time of day though, you’ve probably already put in a 12 hour day (or 14 hours if you live with the 5am

Before becoming a mummy I’d exercise three or four times a week. I did a mix of classes, the gym and swimming. During my pregnancy I took exercise very easy (pilates, swimming, walking) and post-­baby I was looking forward to being able to push myself again! However, there was no way

Ever had a conversation that goes a little like this? “I love being a mummy. But I just wasn’t prepared for just how much I would change.” “I probably shouldn’t say this, but a little tiny part of me misses the old me.” “I had no idea what Mummy Guilt

Long gone are the days when we could plan our days and they would actually go pretty much like we’d imagined. I’ll bet we’ve all thought of ourselves as flexible in our past lives – at home, at work and with friends. But – correct me if I’m wrong –

At a toddler group this morning I was chatting to one of my gorgeous mama friends. She’s got a toddler and a six-month old. Let’s not sugar-coat it…every time I see her she looks exactly like she feels. (She won’t mind me saying that. It’s not a pretty sight.) She’s

Since we had children. Before I had Xav (BX, if you will) I was in the gym 4-5 times a week. Before work, after work, lunchtimes, weekends…it fitted comfortably around my job as a PR Manager. I didn’t see it as a luxury. I saw it as something I did

If you’re a regular gym-goer, workout DVD Queen or runner, you’ll know how different you feel if you go a few days without the burn. Maybe (like me) before you had kids, fitness was a big part of your life and you’ve struggled to get it onto your mountainous to-do

So many column inches are devoted to ‘helping mums get their bodies back’ after having a baby. But so many of these ‘helpful’ information campaigns and product offerings actually seem to be missing the point. When I became a mum, I thought – because I’d been conditioned that way –

Whether you had children this year or 30 years ago, I’m pretty sure you’ll want the same thing as I (and practically every Mama I know) want. We want to feel good about ourselves. We want to feel more confident and strong. I was getting out of the shower this