Ursula Tavender

We love our kids. Being a mum makes us understand who we could become and gives us the reason to get on with the business of becoming that better version of ourselves. Some days being mum is so incredible it all gets a bit overwhelming. Some days it’s just plain

I started this blog last summer to try and help other mums to find the strength and time to pull themselves up from the bottom of the pile and start looking after themselves a bit better by making time for exercise. I needed to do that very thing myself. Over

I’ve found myself ending up at my toddler’s new favourite soft play at some point during the past nine days out of ten. Partly because he discovered last week when we went for the first time in ages that he thinks it is absolutely the most awesome place in the

Sometimes it’s ok to lower your expectations. This is my mantra right now. I started thinking about this recently when I pretty much reached what felt dangerously like breaking point. I’ve literally been forced to re-evaluate. Life in the Tavender household has been tough in the past six months. Tougher

They say hindsight is a wonderful thing. Becoming a mother has given my life a beautiful purpose. It has brought me more joy and gratitude than I could ever have imagined I’d experience. My son is my life’s single greatest triumph. He is also the single biggest challenge I’ve ever

Kids make your pre-baby time management look like a joke. Fact. We need a plan girls. Here is a quick brain dump of things you could try that I’m doing at the moment (and I’m a work in progress as we all know) to try and get more fitness in

Once upon a time, I’d have a daily hot date with the vending machine on the second floor. The Twirl and the Twix were my nemeses. I held a genuine belief that in some significant way they helped me get through the afternoons at work. I’d read yet another idealistic

We’re Ursula and Tim Tavender. AKA Mummy and Daddy to a truly beautiful little soul – Xavier, our two year old boy. Parenthood so far has been full of extremes. Extreme joy, love and pride…and also extreme life adjustment, guilt and worry. Becoming a parent has been – without question

When you’ve been working out for weeks on end, going great guns with banishing the junk and sacrificing the beloved vino, you need to know it’s making a difference. But what if it isn’t? What if you’re nailing it, but your body isn’t responding yet? It’s super tough to stick

Last year in the UK almost four million babies were born. That’s a lot of mums, with a lot of babies. So why the hell is it that at some point or another since we had our children we’ve felt alone? We’re all members of the biggest club in the