The unsaid

So there it was, in the cold light of day. I couldn’t do ‘this’ on my own. I needed outside input to start my recovery from a debilitating eating disorder. I’d been ‘defeated’. But had I? In my mind up until the point I accepted I wasn’t getting very far very

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A few weeks ago I went to the Mumsnet bloggers conference, Blogfest 2016. It was an amazing day of networking and inspiration with serious powerhouse women, and I came away feeling pretty great. I had a hundred brilliant and memorable conversations that day, but one in particular has stuck with

So here’s the second part in this little series of posts about what it has been like for me to be in recovery from an eating disorder and then become pregnant and a mum. What you’re about to read is simply my account of what has happened to me. It’s

Yesterday I put a quick post up on the Facebook page to ask if anyone might find it helpful if I wrote about what it’s like to be pregnant and become a mum when you’re someone who has suffered from an eating disorder. Writing about this subject in general has

When my son, Xav was born I wasn’t prepared for how much of a hit my confidence would take. It didn’t really dawn on me until he was around a year/18 months old that I was a shell of a woman who desperately needed to remember who she was. I’d

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Adele has admitted suffering from post-natal depression which has left her ‘too scared’ to have another baby and talked in her own brilliant, inimitable way about how hard she’s found being a mum. How powerful that someone like Adele, who (to the rest of

Today has turned out to be one of those brilliant but un-plannable spontaneous days. It started out a bit crap if I’m honest, with some plans cancelled and the long expanse of a day with lots of hours to fill. Factor in that it’s been half term and I’ve been

Xav started pre-school in January at 2 ½ years old. Before his third birthday, he’d been exposed to two incidents of bullying. He wasn’t directly involved, but he was there. It shocked me. It hadn’t occurred to me that this was something I’d have to deal with when we were

You might remember that a few weeks ago I posted a plea on the blog for help with a survey about how women feel about going back to work after having children. Last week Donna (my fab partner in crime – we’re designing this series of confidence workshops together) and