The unsaid

Dear 2012 Ursula, I know you’re bricking it. I know you’re not 100% convinced you’ll be up to this parenthood gig. You don’t think you’ve got a maternal bone in your body, and joke that you’re ‘made of stone’ because you just don’t get gooey over babies. You love your

When I was expecting my baby, I was naïve. How could I not have been? I was about to get the job of my life with zero training or preparation. So I prepped as much as I could. I was religious in my research of all things parenthood and filled

Last year started in an epic way. We sold our house, went travelling with our toddler through France and Italy for a few months and then moved into a gorgeous new home. We felt unstoppable. Then everything crashed in a spectacular fashion. We knew my husband, Tim’s kidneys were slowly

We love our kids. Being a mum makes us understand who we could become and gives us the reason to get on with the business of becoming that better version of ourselves. Some days being mum is so incredible it all gets a bit overwhelming. Some days it’s just plain

I started this blog last summer to try and help other mums to find the strength and time to pull themselves up from the bottom of the pile and start looking after themselves a bit better by making time for exercise. I needed to do that very thing myself. Over

They say hindsight is a wonderful thing. Becoming a mother has given my life a beautiful purpose. It has brought me more joy and gratitude than I could ever have imagined I’d experience. My son is my life’s single greatest triumph. He is also the single biggest challenge I’ve ever

Last year in the UK almost four million babies were born. That’s a lot of mums, with a lot of babies. So why the hell is it that at some point or another since we had our children we’ve felt alone? We’re all members of the biggest club in the